The image of a grandfather clock is a metaphor for psychotherapy; a process that can be abstract and difficult to define. Client and therapist meet, with an agreement to open the client’s key lock door to examine the mechanics inside. Some doors open more easily than others, and sometimes the work is to just get the door open. Regardless of the pace—each person is different—once the door is open, client and therapist sift through what is inside, discovering which parts are working well, and which must be tuned, adjusted, fixed, stabilized, or moved.

Sometimes the parts are stubborn, sometimes they correct easily; sometimes there is friction between the tools and the parts, and sometimes they work synergistically. Whenever and however it is that something moves, the impact is visceral. Suddenly the clock just works better, and both client and therapist can feel it.

Benefits of Psychotherapy

The benefits of psychotherapy depend on many factors including motivation and joint effort. The length of treatment varies by person. While therapy is designed to be helpful, it can also be difficult and uncomfortable at times. But at the other end, some wonderful gains are available:

  • Deeper and more satisfying relationships.
  • Better connection to yourself, resulting in increased confidence, stability, and personal freedom.
  • Increased balance and sense of safety in the world.
  • Refined intuition and improved decision-making abilities.
  • Decreased stress and increased sense of peace.
  • Ability to feel a wider range of emotion, which impacts spontaneity, sexuality, and creativity.
  • Reduction of depressive and anxious symptoms.
  • Lessening of chronic pain.
  • Healing of destructive patterning including addictions and obsessions.

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“I do believe it is possible to create, even without ever writing a word or painting a picture, by simply molding one’s inner life.And that too is a deed.”

— Etty Hillesum