Psychotherapy is helpful for specific issues and also for more general concerns about where your life is going. My approach is warm and supportive, and I also care enough about you to be real with you; so I will challenge beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that do not serve you.

Together, we will look at your current struggles and history, opening the door to your deeper thoughts, feelings, and wishes. The unconscious must be brought into consciousness to be metabolized, so that it no longer runs your life from behind the scenes. While therapy is at times painful and heavy, it is also a space for warmth, humor, and creativity.

In working with couples, my approach is grounded in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and particularly emphasizes attachment patterns. Do you feel anxious each time you separate from your partner? Do you push your partner away when things get tense? The way we were wired as children profoundly influences our ways of connecting in romantic relationships as well as other close partnerships. By working through the emotional content that underlies surface tensions, deep and lasting healing happens.

Benefits of Psychotherapy

The benefits of psychotherapy depend on many factors including motivation and joint effort. The length of treatment varies by person. While therapy is designed to be helpful, it can also be difficult and uncomfortable at times. But at the other end, some wonderful gains are available:

  • Deeper and more satisfying relationships.
  • Better connection to yourself, resulting in increased confidence, stability, joy, and personal freedom.
  • Increased balance and sense of safety in the world.
  • Refined intuition and improved decision-making abilities.
  • Decreased stress and increased sense of peace.
  • Ability to feel a wider range of emotion, which impacts spontaneity, sexuality, creativity, and emotional intelligence.
  • Reduction of depressive and anxious symptoms.
  • Lessening of chronic pain.
  • Healing of destructive patterning including addictions and obsessions.

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“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.”