Healthy Family: Tackling Tough Subjects

To learn about how to get through conflict at home constructively, listen to my 10 minute radio interview with Dr Darria Long Gillespie.

Researchers believe they can determine–with 90% accuracy–how long a couple will stay together by observing their interactions for only a few minutes. There are clear communication guidelines that can help you preserve the quality of your relationship, which in turn influences your children and the entire healthy family system.

We are Wired for Connection

Learn more about the neuroscience behind relationships in my 10-minute radio segment.

We are wired for connection. As the social fabric changes due to technology and globalization in the digital age, relationships are more important than ever. It’s easy to imagine that human contact affects your psychological health, but did you know that having close relationships can help you live longer?

The Currency of Connection

Along with co-panelist Lisa Marie Platske, I discuss connection and vulnerability in relationships and business. The interviewer is Susan Westerbrook, author of The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop, which outlines a 2,500 year-old system of yogic exercises to tone the body and heal the soul. This interview offers knowledge and tools that will help you refine your ability to achieve the results you want in relationships and in business–while feeling good about yourself!

One Key Skill You Must Master To Live Longer

This podcast includes a bit of my personal story, psychoeducation on the mechanics of resentment, and some very concrete suggestions for what you can do to overcome it and forgive. The interviewer is Susan Westerbrook, author of a book on The Five Tibetans–a very deep 2,500 year-old system of yogic exercises to tone the body and heal the soul.

Research shows that people who are able to substitute anger, resentment, and the desire for revenge with positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, will live longer. Toxic emotions are damaging at the physical level, resulting in back pain, cancer, autoimmune disorders, among many other ailments. Easier said than done. This audio is about an hour, so it will make sense to listen when you have some time and space.